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Written by KK3Q   
Tuesday, 23 September 2008 19:46

Hello Dear PSK Contesters!

The annual EPC WW DX Contest for 2013 is over and we look forward to the 2014 contest so you need to get prepared to work some really great DX on the BPSK63 mode on all bands (except the WARC bands of course). Information about the very first EPC WW DX Contest is posted below this message.

Remember the dates & time: 12:00 UTC on 01.02.2014 to 12:00 UTC on 02.02.2014. The only permissible mode is BPSK63 only so be sure you are in the right mode before you begin and maximum power is 100 watts.

Recommended frequencies are: 160 meters (1.838 – 1.843 MHz), 80 meters (3.580 – 3.590 MHz), 40 meters (7.040 – 7.050 MHz), 20 meters (14.070 – 14.080 MHz), 15 meters (21.070 – 21.080 MHz), and 10 meters (28.070 – 28.080 MHz). No WARC band contacts!

Take note of the new band for 2014 (160 meters) and several changes to the categories list including a mode for YLs.

As it was with last year's contest, be sure to pay close attention to your Cabrillo log so that it matches exactly the format required.

All the very best and see you all in the EPC WW DX Contest 2014!

EPC WW DX Contest

The first EPC WW DX Contest was held at the end of January 2009 and was proven to be very successful with over 600 logs received. Our 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 points standings are now posted on this web site, these can be found by clicking on the appropriate link to the left of your screen. This project of the European PSK Club has introduced many operators to the BPSK63 mode. Many of the participants were able to qualify for the PSK63 Award. Please continue to use this web site as the only source of verified information for the EPC WX DX Contest as we will continue to use it as a clearing house for information. We would also like to extend an invitation all of our PSK enthusiasts to take part in next year’s contest.

Sample of the 2009 certificate.

The Contest Committee consists of seven radio amateurs; all of whom are members of the EPC. We have compiled all the necessary documents using contest judging software to process the contest logs. Please watch (and bookmark) this web site for the news and updates as the next contest will be here sooner than you think! Along the way we will add more information and files to support your operation in this contest. Please do not hesitate to contact our Contest Secretary (PD1AJE) if you have any questions regarding this exciting, fast-paced contest!

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